Accidental Christmas Movies

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T’is the season for holiday movies! When I was a kid, holiday movies were a tad more special (I also walked to school barefoot in the snow uphill both ways). They were exclusively aired and shown around the actual holiday said movie was about. There were no Bad Santas in July, no Charlie Brown Christmas specials in March and if you missed Frosty as he searched for a way to stay cool when it aired, it sorta sucked to be you. Now with videos on demand, DVDs, Hulu and You Tube anything is available at anytime and sometimes I feel like I’m ruining a tradition by watching movies off season.

Anywho, my favorite holiday movies are as varied as can be. There is It’s a Wonderful Life which was introduced to me by my aunt. She was unable to sleep and while flipping through the channels, found this movie and allowed me to sneak in her room and watch. As a kid I just couldn’t wrap my head around how selfless George Bailey was. As an adult I find myself cringing and having to leave the room each time Uncle Billy loses the money (insert something snarky about his character).

I love Its a Charlie Brown Christmas if for nothing other than the dancing Peanuts gang. When I was a kid, and more so as an adult, I feel a sense of outrage at how Charlie Brown is treated. Talk about being bullied! I have always hated the way Charlie Brown was treated and his being mocked for getting that little tree. Mom always encouraged Buffy and I to be kind and take pity (now we call it empathy) on people and things that were often overlooked. I can totes see me picking the bottom barrel something in hopes of saving it and having pine needles dropping off and following me around the house.

I totally enjoy Bad Santa because it’s just so bad! Billy Bob Thorton is such an anti-hero and this movie is full of vlush worthy moments that I eagerly watch. The scene below sums up how delightfully mean and awful   Bad Santa is.

But there are the movies that are just movies that HAPPEN to take place at Christmas and accidental movies. Effin’ Guy and I were trying to put together a list and came up with a few. I then appealed to the masses (aka Facebook Friends) for their take.

Here goes:
Die Hard 1 and 2. In both movies Bruce Willis’s Detective McClain is going to visit his peeps during the holidays.

Trading Places: Set in Philadelphia (another list that’s coming) during Christmas and New Year’s. Eddie Murphy as Billy Valentine always makes me laugh.

Batman Returns: The new Batman movies always looks dark and cold and bleak so I forgot all about this one but yuppers! There is that scene when the ice princess (whatevs) gets attacked by Penguin’s people and they blame it on The Batman.

The oher movies suggested were actually holiday movies. I was looking for things that were not overly Santa-fied, NO reindeers, reindogs, cats or whatever. No Elves. What say you all?
What movies am I missing?

Ha, ha, ha!


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