Belly Busters: Are You Pudding Me On?

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Day 6 of Calliope’s Summer Blog Camp: – When was the last time you tried something new? What was it and what was the result? Have you ever done something just so that you could blog about it?

Last night I purposely went out and bought pudding. Not ready made Jello, not something out of a box. Nope. There is a place in Haverford called Pudding Lane and Effin Guy* invited me along to sample its wares.
Pudding Lane opened in September but it wasn’t until a Groupon was offered that I was aware of it. We headed over and I think I’ve found a new dessert spot! We were waited on by Mike who offered samples (yum!) of the variety of flavors available. The menu offers about nineteen flavors and instead of going for safe vanilla, I tried and loved butterscotch and Effin Guy went with coconut. Butterscotch was sweet and very flavorful. The coconut didn’t have as strong a flavor but the real shredded coconut in the pudding gave it a nice texture.

Honestly? I would have never thought that I would be visiting a gourmet pudding shop, let alone chatting up the owner. Despite my role as a blogger learning about and doing new things there are times when that little voice gets into my head and makes me doubt my ability to hold a conversation with anyone over the age of six. But last night we sat and chatted with Mike and learned about such things as commercial kitchens, opening up the shop, plans for future shops and foursquare.

My goal wasn’t to check out Pudding Lane to blog about it but this was a good deal. A full belly, a blog post and a new guilty pleasure.

Pudding Lane is located on 7 Brookline Blvd in Havertown, PA 19083
Ride on up for a cool treat and bring some butterscotch for me.


*Effin Guy and I went our separate ways earlier this week but decided that pudding trumped good sense. More later.


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