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In which I write a listicle for the last days of 2015.

As of the time of this post, there are 42 days until the end of the year. Normally I would be somewhere frantically trying to complete the to do list I ambitiously created at the end of the previous year which I all but forgot about (ignored…potato, puhtahto). This year, I have decided to create a bucket list of things I would like to do before the end of the year. No stress; just a few things that I think will add to my life, not stress me out and make me feel any type of way if I complete them or not.

A Bucket Listicle for the last days of 2015

  1. Track down all outstanding Library books. Yes. I am a library scofflaw. I have books out from three different systems which confounds me as I am not always the best at returning them to the proper location ontime. There are about ten that I have to track down and return because I may or may not have renewed them eleventy billion times.
  2. See the Light Show at Wana-, er Macy’s. It used to be our tradition to head out to Center City and act like tourists and see the sights and the lights but due to work schedules, a general crabbiness that seemed to invade the air and a few cases of “I donwanna” we have not been to see all the things. The Wanamaker’s Light show opens November 27th and we can meet at the Eagle if you want to check it out too!
  3. Get back in the groove of wogging/jogging/running. After the Gobble Wobble (which was awesome) I have been lacking the motivation to move. I found this plan from Runner’s World which seems doable and possible and if I can get at least one mile in per day I can possibly see myself doing two, three or more.
  4. Complete outstanding Blog Things. I have a few things that I have been procrastinating on for various reasons and I really don’t want to take them with me into 2016. Some are really late and some are just mildly late. Either way, they are getting completed in the next 42 days.
  5. See Star Wars! I am way more into Star Trek but I feel like I cannot miss the phenomenom that is seeing Star Wars in theaters. I have plans to see it in Imax with Kingsley but won’t rule out a second viewing with The Librarian.  (Use my affiliate link to get your tickets: Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets are available now at Fandango. Purchase your tickets in advanced and don’t get sold out! Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens everywhere December 18th, 2015.!)
  6. Start socks (again!). My friend Leigh Ann sent me an awesome sock kit and I’ve had offers to show me how to work heel turns and knit two at a time. I need some squishy socks and I have yarn and needles and a few hours each week to learn how to do it.
  7. Sleep in. One of these weekends I refuse to get out of bed before 9.
  8. Grill before it gets too cold. That’s right. I’m going to fire up some ribs, hamburgers and hotdogs while I sip a mug of hot tea.

And that’s enough. I am sure there are some other things to be added but for the next 42 days I am going to enjoy what’s left of this year, a year which started off so so, had a rocky middle and is ending pretty nicely.

What say you folks? Any plans for the end of the year?

This post was inspired by BlogHer’s #NaBLoPoMo prompt for Friday, November 20.




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