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In which I run a 5k like a boss!

My friend, Bookwoman, once shared that she would sign up to do a race once a month in order to keep herself motivated and training, Since I have been wogging and sometimes even jogging, I wanted to do something that would keep me motivated through out the fall and winter. Far too often I would sign up for races and waste so much much money not showing up. I just had to do the Gobble Wobble. It is near my beloved Clark Park, near my home and I was swayed by the idea of chasing a turkey.

Woodlands Gobble Wobble

Woodlands Gobble Wobble aka Emma the race coordinator

We signed up to do the race and it was on.  The gym was not just something I was doing to keep up with my study, now I was in training. And, even though I have been working out and training, I was so nervous about this race. I didn’t want to flake out and NOT run so I pushed myself and kept my goal of finishing in under 40 minutes on my mind.

The day of the race was cold! Thank goodness for the Goodwill and it’s inexpensive Under Armor although I will totally be purchasing more for the even colder days.

Woodlands Gobble Wobble

Yes. These stone cold graves reflected the cold wind blowing.

The Librarian came with to cheer me on. There were people on the race course to cheer runners on but it was so nice to have my own cheering section.

Woodlands Gobble Wobble

My own personal cheering section!

There was a small group of runners ready for the task!


And of course Bookwoman!

Woodlands Gobble Wobble

Phot credit: Bookwoman


My phone died during the race but I did get to listen to some Missy Elliott to get me fired up and was able to take a picture of post race bling!

The course is beautiful. The Woodlands Cemetery is peaceful and quiet, almost like you’re not even in West Philly, let alone near a place for major traffic. I am excited to return with The Bee to stroll through the grounds and take another look

woodlands wobble gobble


All of the wogging, jogging, treadmill and working out paid off! I felt good about my time, my body felt strong and it was such a good morning. My goal was to complete the race in under 40 minutes and I did the race in 37:03!

I’m a little sore; running with a partner made me push myself way more than I normally do (in a good way!). I am not looking forward to my next workout but I will push myself, when my body is telling me that I can’t run 10, 20, 30 more seconds I will remember this race and know that yup, I can.



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  1. readingjeff says:

    Good philosophy! I’ve been told, if you feel you can’t do one more push-up, one more squat, one more bench press, that’s when you should do 3 more. If you can’t run another step, go for another 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes. Keep pushing those boundaries, breaking those barriers. Congrats on a great race!

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