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It’s Monday, let’s start the week with a bit of laughter shall we?

My sister loves this gossip site called Dlisted and I started reading it and a few hours later I emerged  On the site is a video of Jimmy Fallon and Michele Obama showing The Evolution of Mom Dancing. I cringed a bit as I watched the video. I do some of those moves.

The hands part of Single Ladies but I’m cool because I have added some of the wiggle leg (ah!). I have been known to “raise the roof” and, God help me, The Bump although to be fair it *was* during a Donna Summer song.


I am just as uncool as they say I am!

Dikembe Mutombo blocking shots…it’s so funny and ridiculous that I have to stop what I’m doing and watch it when it comes on. I love the expressions on everyone’s faces right after he blocks whatever they are shooting.
Uh uh uh…not in my house!

With a name like Rachee (say it Rah-shay or I’ll even allow a Ruh-shay) I know that there are some challenges when it comes to my name. My issue with this clip…it goes on way too long. But he he at Tih-mo-thee…Pre-sent.

And, last but not least, total shameless self promotion.
It’s poetry month and we are reading a poem a day.
Here is my rendition of Hiccups by Jack Prelutsky: My case of the hiccups is quite silly.

What makes you laugh?
Share a link in the comments.


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