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r’s note: Yes, the title of this post refers to an episode of The Chapelle Show When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong. 

Now then, is it me or has this season of Top Model been lacking a certain something? Perhaps its the fact that these girls are mostly professionals and know all of the tricks and therefore there is no reason for Tyra and co to have the contestants complete challenges, practice runway or have other ‘tests’ to have them jump through hoops before they are kicked off? Perhaps its because I have been watching each week and know what to look for? Whatever the case the episodes seem to be a bit forced.

Anywho, when I tuned in Shannon had made some kind of schedule for the phone. Each girl gets 20 minutes to chat with a loved one and Bianca has a problem with the schedule. When she says something to Shannon in Bianca’s ever so diplomatic way Shannon gets her butt on her back and accuses Bianca of being hostile. Lisa, of course, jumps in and Bianca is left feeling pissed and threatened. Arguments, arguments arguments and the house is divided. Bianca against Shannon and Lisa.

OK, total All About Me Aside (AAMA) What? Bianca has been a tad…harsh but really? Because she doesn’t like Shannon’s phone system and questions it she is immediately labeled angry black woman. This bothered me because I’ve had people claim that “They cannot communicate with me when I am like this” during discussions about something that I think is wrong, effed up or unfair.  Bianca is very immature but she was very clear on why she disliked Shannon’s system but instead of hearing that, Shannon and that frickin’ Lisa conclude that Bianca is so out of control. Of course Bianca proves them right by insulting them with how old they look in their photographs.

Lisa and Shannon are discussing the fight ad nauseum and Bre decides to channel her inner tween and listens to what they are saying so that she can in turn run to Bianca to report everything that is being said. I know she wants to have her girl’s back but damn! These are grown women. Must we indulge in the cat fighting? Shannon and Lisa are being a bit much but should Bianca respond to their cattiness?

Tyra Mail, the girls are sent to do a runway challenge…on a merry go round…wearing the Kardashian collection. From Sears. I have nothing against Sears, I purchased my awesome flowered tights from there but…isn’t this season all about high fashion and Italian Vogue? Sears doesn’t seem to fit.  Maybe its just my Sears, full of rude clerks and never having my shoe size. Anywho the Kardashians are also on hand to gift the winner of the challenge an outfit. ONE OUTFIT. FROM SEARS.

My cousin claims that I don’t know fashion and perhaps I don’t. This challenge just seems dumb and unnecessarily dangerous. The merry go round is going at a pretty fast clip and these girls are expected to hop off, walk the runway and hop back on. To win one outfit. From Sears.  Bah! Ms. Jay and Khloe Kardashian watch the show and remark that Bianca looks upset. When Ms. J questions Bianca she lets loose about the mean girls in the house. Uh, Bianca. Ms J is not your friend and as expected he reported the whole exchange to Tyra.

More Tyra mail. The girls are to do a shoot with a Michael Jackson theme. Its actually pretty hot, Michael through the ages. Latoya Jackson shows up during the shoot and she and the photographer go bats*t over the models. The models do look hot except Lisa who does that stupid jump she always does. While they are hanging around on the set, Shannon says something mean and catty about Bianca. And when Bianca and Bre dig into her about it, Shannon goes on to cry about how people expect Christians to not…be…catty bitches? Cause, you know Christians are people and they have a sense of humor. If sense of humor is keeping the pot stirred then yes, it is a shame that people are so sensitive. Also, if Shannon wasn’t telling everyone that she was a Christian every other time she opened her mouth people wouldn’t expect her to, I don’t know, act like one?

Eliminations and no mention of that ridiculous merry go round runway challenge. Lisa is challenging her inner Rose the Riveter (golly she annoys me!) and Bianca is called out for her words with Ms. J Alexander (Girl, he is not your buddy!). Its down to Lisa and Angelea for elimination and no one goes home. It turns out Latoya is a big ole softy and lets everyone stay.

I love Top Model and greedily watch each episode but this All Star season is not what I expected. Perhaps Tyra was too busy writing Modelland, you know the book she wrote with a main character called Tookie de la Creme [shudder]? The drama seems forced. The girls look like they are just marking time and the challenges just seem blah. But yes, of course I’ll watch next week and will tweet (follow me at @sayitrahshay!).

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