ANTM: Don’t Make Me Over

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r’s note: I missed a bit of Top Model last week as I was flipping back and forth to peep the word on Troy Davis. Here is what I DID catch.

So the girls are heading back home from elimination and they are all a ga ga over the prizes. Really? Cause you would think that these “AllStars!” would have grilled Tyra and co before subjecting themselves to such scrutiny but M’kay.

Back at the house Tyra and some guy stops by to talk to them about branding. Ooh! Branding! Some of my blogger friends have been talking about this very thing. I was all thinking that my brand would be Rachee, mom-library chick-black woman-book lover blogger but that may not fit on a card and it violates the one word rule imposed by Tyra. Anywhosit, the girls all get words and Bianca decided that because her word is candid she can start faux drama because someone is “talking about her”. She has become the self designated bitchy mean girl and I’m already bored. Next up…MAKEOVERS! Also, Ashlee Simpson is there with a cute pixie cut.

As usual Tyra starts to chopping and adding weave. The Jays fool Sheena into thinking she’s getting her hair chopped off. She should know better but she still gets ready to throw a hissy. Bre and Lisa both whine about getting their hair cut off. Lisa because she is getting married in two months and apparently spent all of her money on the wedding and can’t afford a wig and Bree because she seems to like looking like a girl circa 1984 who just got her first relaxer.

As the girls get made over the two Jays present them with hot dogs for someplace called Pink’s and the girls must use their brand word to create a unique hot dog. Aside, Hmmm! Hot dogs! Mine would have had mustard, some cheese, onions and chopped tomatoes. And I would have been smashing through those suckers so fast which is precisely why I am not on Top Model, Allstars! or otherwise. Laura is up first and works that hot dog. She then has to give Camille a tutorial on how to eat hot dogs. The other girls do their thing and we are at judging.

At the panel its the same ole, same o…Wait one minute! Andre Leon Talley has on a suit! He sorta looks like The Bee’s grandpop. Nigel still has that hair. Tyra still looks like my cousin…spooky! Anywho the evaluations…and shenanigans on Tyra and co for not calling Sheena, Lisa or Bre out for whining about their hair! They do call Bre out because she seems so over Top Model. Quite frankly, me too. I can watch the other seasons over and over. Ever since the petite cycle…not so much. When Top Model started having celebrity judges I just sort of felt like the show lost some of its flavor. Even this viewing seemed like a chore.

Eliminations and before they send someone (Sheena) home Nigel gets his hair cut. Thank you! Lisa wins best picture (?) and its between Kayla (who seems pissed about something) and Sheena. Per the judges: Sheena is not unexpected as her branding word suggests.

Next week more faux drama, boring shoots and someone is one step closer to becoming America’s Next Top Model Allstar!

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