SOCS: Last Night I had a Dream

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Last night I had the strangest dream. No, I did not sail away to China but I was a domestic goddess residing in a house that held a white frilly apron. That I was wearing. And I wore it outside to the mall where I picked up The Bee from a soccer game. The Bee does not play soccer. Also in this dream I had a moat. In the basement. That separated me from the neighbors but the neighbor, a blonde woman named Kathy, also wore a white frilly apron and we traded recipes about cookie bars. Effin Guy also appeared in the dream but [redacted…this is a semi-family blog]. Anywho, the rest of the dream was me making dinner, a huge dinner that had some serious timers and bowls and such for my family.

Liliana woke me with some yowls and as I tried to recount the rest of the dream I realized that it is time to put those huge Pottery Barn plates that I got for a song at a garage sale to use and to have my oven do more than bake single serve pizzas. Its time to open my house to family and friends and have them over to oooh and ah at what I’ve done with the place (nothing) hope my cat doesn’t act up, and be the gracious hostess with the mostess and show off my kitchen skills.

See you soon.

Fixing you a plate,

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  1. Monika says:

    Stopping over from #SOCSunday. Your dream sounded a lot like Wysteria Lane – Desperate Housewives. They are fun to analyze though.

  2. I love what you’ve decided to do as a result of your dream. And yes, Pottery Barn should never go to waste!

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