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…in which I mentally bitch slap myself.*


After months of planning, weeks of antici….pation**, and of course, my pre-program freak-out, said program went kerplat!

The signs were there; both AM storytimes went painfully smooth (exceptions: the infants all smelled like they were in dire need of diaper changes and one kid felt that I needed a hype man throughout every story I read), most of the e-mail I received in my in box were actually work related and helpful (thanks again Brandi for the bean bags!), and I was not late for anything. I even got to work early. A whole 11 minutes early and with coffee!

Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

Because I was having such a fine day, karma stepped in and declared that a chain of events needed to occur in which I would be the hydant in life and service lots of pit bulls, great danes and other horse/dogs with bladder problems.

First, mom fell and sprained her ankle. She took a tumble when she tried to wear a pair of real shoes instead of the comfy, more appropriate sneakers that she has been wearing for the past few weeks. This in itself is OK; shit happens***. The resulting freak out starring her, my sis and aunt was not OK. No details, too many innocents (namely me) will be scarred further.

I got lost picking up my books for my no-gram. With directions in hand, being comfortable on this stretch of road – as I drive it twice a week – and it being broad daylight I still managed to get lost going both ways. My defense: the road was marked really funky going. That is no excuse, however, for getting turned around and heading towards King of Prussia instead of Upper Darby on the way home.

I need a Sherpa.

Then, the coup de gras, the icing on the cake, the big kahuna: my program was a no show. I will eat it; while I did e-mail my author and we confirmed the dates in two separate e-mails I didn’t get a number to call for ‘just in case’. While I had e-mailed again for a separate question, yet again confirming the date I failed to be completely anal and e-mail or call again Friday.****

Ipso facto, author, no show(o).

The parents and the kids who patiently waited were cool with this. They were all about the complimentary DVD rental they received as well as the free books – copies of Mcleod’s book – (something about that free!) but I still have a bad feeling in my mouth. My insecurities come rushing back and I felt that every good thing that I have ever done will be, and has been, negated by this unfortunate turn of events.


Oh well, events are rescheduled for March 15th and this will allow me to advertise more and wash my hair. (Kidding! I was going to wash it anyway.)

Woosahing and twisting,

*I blatantly stole this from my sister.
**See Rocky Horror Picture Show
***I owe fifty cents
****Further proof that I am getting too comfy in my job and need to tighten up.


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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