All TV and no work makes Rachée something, something…*

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I had to take the day off from work due to a shoe with a small heel, impatience, the incompetent health care system our country employs four hours in the Emergency Department and a fractured ankle (Mom, not me). Instead of being productive and tackling laundry beast or finishing work related stuff (my golly! is it almost March already?!?!) I choose to enable my addiction to television and all that is slovenly.

It begin with watching the DVR’d 10! show that a friend was featured on. Lori and Bill owe me 13 minutes.

I then got sucked into one of my all time favorite time wasters: a TNT marathon! Now if I were a woman who respected time and herself (hiyo!) I would have had a pile of clothes to fold, washed and twisted my hair (yes, I have still not washed my hair so don’t stand too close to me!) or finished making up my calendar. However after sitting in a cold ED, attempting magic (getting Mom into the house without jostling her foot), running up and down the stairs to do things for Mom and listening to her grunt with pain (but neither of us were able to do anything about it) when she had to move her ankle I gave myself a break and just was.

So I caught up with Leverage (starring Oscar winner Timothy Hutton) a show that has been touted as a weekly Ocean’s Eleven and plus it stars Jane from Coupling (Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps). The first few episodes of Leverage I missed as I ran back and forth to get stuff for my mom and the like. While this is by no means on par with say a PBS documentary or a BBC produced Miss Marple it took me a bit to figure out what the show was about: are these folks bad guys? Good guys? Detectives? The Sandman visited me for an episode or three two but when I finally was able to give 88% of my attention to the show and figured out what the deal was, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! This show is so much fun. People stealing, robbing those rich fat cats and giving to the poor. A modern day Robin Hood!

I then switched to a bit of Obama’s speech. While I love listening to Obama speak I had to put my personal moony feelings aside and ask a few questions: Is he gonna help a sister pay off student loans and help keep my kid in school? Is he gonna stop all of these budgets cuts? We had a meeting at work and learned that people are questioning why libraries are still relevant and are considering cutting even more of our funding. Come check out my joint weekdays between 3 and 6 and Saturday afternoon. You would think we were giving something away!

I concluded Gluttonfest with a bit of The Biggest Loser. (A realty show about weight loss for those not in the know). The tears and whining threw me off; the contestants had to switch trainers and they bitched and moaned for a good twenty minutes. I can only imagine what was edited out. Jeez! Grow a pair Bob! Stop that blubbering. Jillian was her usual drill sergeant self and kept it moving.

Oh well!
Back to the grind.
Mom is laid up for six weeks so I think that today’s events will not be in practice again. I felt guilty because I always feel guilty about everything but as a wise woman advised me, “I let that go.”

Clicking the remote off,

*Treehouse of Horrors Episode V


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