An open letter to the good folks at the McDonald’s in Rosemont

Say it Rah-shay By Feb 23, 2009 1 Comment

Dear Rosemont McDonald’s,

You have made your point loud and clear.

In NOT a dramatic fashion, I, Rachée, will never return to your store. Your lack of customer service skills, your lukewarm food, the total disregard for the “fast” part of fast food has attracted my attention and I get the message.

I am sure that you will not miss the six dollars that I spend in your store but hear this, I will not cave in to semi-convenience, will not allow my lack of preparation dictate my actions and will not give you one more try.

There is no reason that on every one of the three occasions that I have visited your location I have had to wait for my food, which had the audacity to be cool, more than 10 minutes. Why, you may ask did I return? Because despite what I know, fast food is horrible for my waist line and health, I enjoy a little artery clogging.

Your customer service is not just terrible; it is non-existent! I should not have to hear the cashier, a tattooed chick name “Sheek” complaining because a customer wanted a receipt (incidentally, she gave the customer the wrong receipt because, as Sheek snapped at JB, “I threw hers in the trash, hunh!”). I really don’t need to hear that ‘Heem is late AGAIN and I ain’t playing with him’. Quite frankly I am very surprised that the Lower Merion types have put up with this nonsense!

And the food…the ‘Premium’ hot chocolate and the ‘Premium’ coffee that I purchased are in league with coffee that I have gotten out of packets…Swiss Miss and Sanka respectively. Your fresh hot food is never that and will it kill you to give me my condiments without me having to ask. Twice?

So with this post and the last bit of indigestion that I experience, I say, “Good Day, fare thee well” and implore you to get some training.



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  1. Jaiya says:

    Your so right… That receipt
    incident..was crazy.. my aunt really didn’t need it.. and all the girl had to say was ” I threw it out”… case closed… and my burger was definitely cold ugh!… I love your blog!

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