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Off the Hook: Sweet and Tasty Treats

There are six kits coming out this fall, including Sweet & Tasty Treats by Kristen Rask. Each kit includes a full-color book of 12 patterns and all the supplied you need for your first two projects (a crochet hook, a tapestry needle, yarn, embroidery floss, felt, and stuffing).

On the Needles: Barley Hat

The shop had a hat called “Barley” made up with the yarn and I just had to get me some! The pattern is free on Ravely and it really is easy to work up. A few knit rows, a few purl rows and the hat is coming together!

On the Needles: Knitting with Bulky Yarn

Summer in Philly is now doing that thing where there are days when the humidity is not quite as hellish and the days can be, dare I say it, pleasant! This means that evenings after work makes me want to grab a chair, settle somewhere there is a breeze and work up a few rows.

World Wide Knit in Public Day 2017

yaRRns By Jun 10, 2017 No Comments

Knitting and crocheting can be such a solitary act that it’s easy to knit alone somewhere and be in your own head. WWKIP Day a specific day to get out of your house and go to a local event (with your knitting in tow) and hang out with likeminded people.

On the Needles: The Move-up Day Poncho

yaRRns By Apr 30, 2017 1 Comment

I needed something quick and adaptable for summer fashion but practical for cool nights. The Bee started talking about a poncho I made for her when she was “so much younger” (her words) and I decided that was the project.