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Is this better than Angry Black Men?

Magical Black Men.This website has a list of 13 movies in which the Black Man is featured as the friend who stands by his (white) man. Forrest Gump should have been number 1.-r

Run Rachée, Run!

Say it Rah-shay By Nov 02, 2008 1 Comment

I just found out that the Philadelphia Half Marathon is closed (pity!) but the Rothman 8K is still open for registration.Hmmm…I guess I could cough up the 45 clams and join in on the race. 5 miles.I could probably work it in. I can race and still get to work.Last year when I did that half marathon I was home,…

Cotton Comes to Harlem

Gentrification rares its ugly head once more.I am on the fence with this one. As a person who formerly lived in a low income area, I do acknowledge that it does suck to have your best efforts thwarted by neighbors who don’t care, trash as the norm, and people who have given up.However, I remember being quite put out the…

Today, November 2nd is…

…Deviled Egg Day.I know what I’m having when I get home!Now all I need is a good recipe…-r

Election Stuff

I cannot wait for Tuesday evening.The election coverage has gotten so frenzied that I am feel like screeching.By no means am I to be viewed as a well informed totally unbiased voter, however as a Black woman, there is NO way that I can say that I will vote Republican because of the Good old boy network and institution of…

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