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Move Those Muscles With Asics

In which a new pair of sneakers give me a new way to walk. r’s note: I was sent a pair of Asics sneakers in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.   I started a goal of 365 miles in 365 days back in January and so far this year I am a bit short of…

Review: Star Wars Crochet + Giveaway

Review it Rah-shay, yaRRns By Jun 07, 2015

This spring, Thunder Bay Press expands its line of crochet titles, and I was sent copies of their newest titles, Star Wars Crochet  and Disney Classic Crochet to review and to host a giveaway! Each crafting kit comes complete with five yarn colors, a crochet hook, stuffing, and a yarn or tapestry needle – everything crafters need to start bringing beloved characters from each franchise to life. Star Wars Crochet Kits provides instructions to create 12…

New at Save-A-Lot: Suave Products + Giveaway #SaveALotInsider #sponsored

  Since I was able to visit Save-A-Lot, I’ve learned that the store offers plenty of name brand options for me, including new Suave beauty products! My teen and I have been using these Suave products and it’s been an amazing at how our grooming routines have adapted.       Dove soap is something we’ve used in the past….

Review: Save-a-Lot Market #SaveALotInsider #ad #sponsored

Think shopping at Save-a-lot is not for you? Check out my review of the market.

#FreeToBe Free of Mount Laundry

all free clear has saved my sanity! Here’s how: I made a startling discovery this week when Mount Laundry ERUPTED and all of the careful plans of washing, drying, folding clothes went to pot. My basement is dank and ugly and generally unpleasant. Couple this with the overwhelming piles of  clothes waiting to be attended to and I want to…