You’re Wearing That?

Say it Rah-shay By Jul 12, 2011 1 Comment

Day 14 – How do you typically dress to run errands? Do you think bloggers dress better or worse than “regular people”?

Anyone who reads this blog or have met me knows that getting dressed has turned into a huge game of closet. Nothing fits, I am still not happy with the way that I look and the same outfits that I loved before now seem shabby and sloppy. Loose tees and shorts look like baggy weight adding tees and shorts. Gah! This can also be the excuse that I need to not do anything, and I mean ANYTHING all day.
I’ve been making myself get up, shower and get dressed even if I am off for the day, even if I don’t have anything planned just because I know that the difference between freshly scrubbed and cruddy sleep crusted eyes means nothing gets done.

This is not to say that I make myself up, I barely remember lip gloss and my brows…yuck! I just try to look like a responsible person and keep it moving.

As for how other bloggers look…The only ones I see often enough are stopping by to see me at the library. They look like ‘regular’ moms: loaded with children paraphernalia and looking a tad harassed. When we blogging types get together for things we always look quite loverly. I guess with the exception of seeing folk on line I would say we all look alike.

It fits. its cleanish, I’m getting dressed.


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  1. SmartOne Kym says:

    You could not have described my mentality towards clothes any more perfectly than this: “It fits. its cleanish, I’m getting dressed.” Except I’m good about throwing on sweats/yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt when I’m just laying around the house. I would wear that every day even out in public if I thought I could get away with it. 🙂

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