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In which I become in love with knitting.

Crochet has been my thing. It rhymes with my name (Rachee Crochets!) and I am really good with it. Plus when I started I went all “She’s Gotta Have It!” and got a whole plethora of materials for hooking: hooks (duh), a hair pin lace thingy (I’ve never used it but someday!), books, magazines, a membership to a crochet guild. Plus I belong to several groups on Facebook and some real life groups and while there are some ambicrafters (see what I did there?) most were either or. So I would work with my hook, making up all kinds of stuff and coveting the ways of those with two sticks.


The is long gone (wipes tear)  but with the help of YouTube, children’s How To Knit books and asking all of the knitters I know I have been able to knit more and be comfortable saying, “I knit!”

Here are a few things that are on and off the needles:


A Drop Knit Scarf

I love the way the drop stitch looks and have been playing around with practicing it using knit stitch. I cast on 25 and knit three rows. After the third row, I added a row of drop stitch. As I experimented, I found that I a few times I had added four rows but this is coming out lovely anyway. I will need more yarn; I only had 50g and I want this scarf to be a bit longer. I was calling it a scarflett because it’s so short but it doesn’t even wrap once around my neck.


The Pompomless Hat

This picture doesn’t do this hat justice but it really is a lovely chocolaty brown. I got this pattern from a Knit-In I attended and love the way it looks. a ribbed stitch, it’s nice and fluffy and it works up really quickly. This hat is to have a pompom on it but I ran out of yarn before I could finish and was too impatient to wait ti take the picture,


Drop Stitch Cowl and “Bonnie” Beret

The Bee is modeling a drop stitch cowl and a crocheted beret. The cowl was designed by Abi Gregorio and I used Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick to work it up. It works up really fast and is so warm! The beret is from the book Crochet Boutique by Rachel Ogelsby. The beret took me all of an hour (AN HOUR!) to make.


What’s on your hook and needles? Share with me! I’m always on the look out for new patterns.


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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