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Um, the ‘Finally Finished’ button on my blog was designed to spur me on and (judgement free) encourage me to finish lingering UFOs and the like. So far I have done none of the waiting to be done projects and started a new one:
The College Girl Hat (aka Vickie Howell’s Urban Beanie)
I changed the name as I am working it up while working at my college gig and I’m a girl.
Get it?

The Tangled Yarn represents my mind…

A WIP that I started to avoid UFOs

I also came up with the bright idea to have a creative, handmade holiday! No one would get store bought gifts except for the kids cause

1) I’m broke
2) I don’t feel like thinking about all of that shopping (effin’ mall traffic!)
3) I’ve got yarn let me use it.

Oh and and 4) cause I don’t put enough pressure on myself normally, crafting 10 plus items is certainly the way to go. (Tongue firmly pressed in cheek!)

So driving in I listened to the Yarncraft podcast hosted by Liz and Zontee and was inspired. While they are not foolish enough to commit to making gifts for everyone they did supply some wonderful ideas that could be worked up quickly.

So far I am digging:
The Crochet Tote.
Pop and her friend have been begging for a bag so here it is!

Chili Pepper Cowl
While I am no fan of cowls (I think of Batman) I think Mom and Charleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeene would love one since they are always cold.

For the men I found a new stitch on the Knit and Crochet Today website (I swear I can’t find the link now! Boo!)
This particular square looks masculine enough that I am going to make a scarf with it. My friend completed a square and it looked wonderful. I am going to give it a go and see what I can make with it.

I heard today there were 45 days until Christmas.
So my hook is my mate.


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