I may have been born at night…

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…but it wasn’t last night.
On the real, I am not sure what time I was born.

I received this gem in my work e-mail:


This is to notify you of a payment Order of $11.5m into Atm Card in your

name from the

Ecobank plc,advice to reconfirm us 1 your Name 2Address 3


Contact our Head of Shipment payment Ecobank plc and make sure you

Contact us on this email address eco.bnigeria220@gmail.com for the Shipment.

Dr.John Adams

Cell +2348087675079

Why oh why does this clown think that not only am I stupid enough to fall for this, that I would contact someone who is offering me a million dollars on a g-mail account? I mean, Google rules the cyberworld but dang! Wouldn’t this person have it more together?


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