Write a Review Wednesday: Don’t Play with Your Food

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Allow me a moment to gush about Bob Shea. He writes the best books for preschoolers full of potties, being quiet in the library, bold sharks afraid of spiders and just seems to get their world. His books are a blast read and share and he has written a new book to add to your collection.

In Don’t Play With Your Food we meet Buddy the monster who is determined to make a group of wily bunnies a meal. The bunnies have other plans and Buddy learns that his friends should not be a meal.

General Considerations:

I am biased but I really think this book will be appropriate for all ages. Children will enjoy Buddy’s attempts to make the bunnies a meal and will also enjoy reading about how the bunnies out smart Buddy. Parents will enjoy hidden jokes in the art.


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Below I read the book for the online stories my library shares, which we call Storytubes.

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