Write a Review Wednesday: Beautiful Oops!

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Most times books are supposed to be handled with care but let’s face it…kids (and some grown-ups too!) are messy. So how does one make torn paper, spills and drips into something worth looking at? Enter Barney Saltzber’s book Beautiful Oops!. In this book readers are encouraged to view mistakes- stains, spills and messes -not as a negative but as a positive outlet for creativity.
General considerations:
This will make a great read aloud and activity. Although the book itself is small, the visual manipulative’s in will be great to share with children preschool and older. I do worry about the sturdiness of the book; because some of the ‘ripped’ pages may be all the inspiration needed to duplicate in another book.

The illustartions are fun to look at and guessing at the transformations of the ‘oops’ are fun to do for all ages.
Check out this book from your library or visit the Facebook page for more information.

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