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While trolling on Twitter I came across @cbadov #warw tag and wanted to know more. WARW stands for Write a Review Wednesday and each week @cbadov and others review and blog about children’s books in support of children’s book writers and illustrators found using the hash tag #kidlit .

Awesome idea! I am looking for ways to find the best new books to share with The Bee, my patrons, I want to practice writing more and selfishly, I’m a bit behind on some review books that I have to complete for work (Rachee behaving badly!). This idea seemed almost like (dare I say it?) a tiny type of blessing.

Each week I will review books that I either find through our county office, from donations (contact me publishers and authors! I’ll review your book!) and those gems that I find when I am browsing book stores, other libraries or the tons of catalogs that seem to be mailed each day. My reviews will consist of my reaction to t he book, the reactions of The Bee and the families at my work and  I will crib from the review form that I use at work (unless someone tell me otherwise).

Enjoy and hopefully you can find a new book to share with the readers in your life!

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