Workout Boogie Day 2- Ten Minute Solution

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Tuesdays are my long days and usually an excuse not to exercise or do what I am supposed to do (notice a pattern). So Tuesdays are reserved for the shorter workouts. My sister loaned me Ten Minute Solutions which features yoga, pilates, boot camp, kickboxing and ballet.
I chose ballet. With yoga, I cannot seem to quiet my mind to perform the poses. Pilates is like active yoga but I just wasn’t feeling it tonight, kickboxing seemed too ambitious and boot camp was not what I wanted to do this late at night.
Tha juries still out on tonights class.
I love the blurb from the back of the box: get ballerina lean and a ballet butt. (I’ve seen ballerina’s butts and they are so-so) but their legs are to die for so with gusto and a chair there I was plies and the like.
I might return this to my sis. I don’t see myself doing the four other workouts and why keep it if I am not going to use it?


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