Desperate Housewives – the day after

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After a two week break, the ladies (and I am including some of the hubbies too) are back for more drama and intrigue.

We start off the re-cap with an almost giddy Mary Alice as she waxes methodically about the day after the fire. Is Mary Alice a ghost that haunts Wisteria Lane? Is she around to remind us that the ladies were/ are friends?

I left my notes somewhere so I am winging it from here on:
OMG! Not usually my favorite character but I could sympathize with her upon finding out that Mike is dating. (The first time The Bee told me about the outing she had taken with her dad and his friend I saw red for a few hours!) Yes, yes, yes, she is dating Jackson , who was dumb enough to get locked in a supply closet and Susan couldn’t get past the accident that killed a young mother and child but my money is on Mike. I will call Susan out for spitting out the cookie she bit. What a rude heifer! And what a waste of a good cookie. I hate that Kathryn lied to her. Perhaps because I never dated any one’s ex I can speak with such certainty but damn!
Why is she upset with Kathryn? Aside from when Kathryn first moved back to Wisteria Lane, I have not seen Susan and Kathryn hanging out at all. Susan should have known that Kathryn was lonely and hooked her up with of her other cast offs. (lol!)

Why are Bree and Orson still married? They have so many conditions for their marriage! Three weeks ago Orson was going to divorce Bree if she didn’t give him a job, 5 years ago to demonstrate his love for Bree, Orson went to jail but this week was a doozy! Orson injured his nose during the big fire and has since been snoring like a bear. Instead of sleeping in the guest room that Orson stomped off to three weeks ago, he decides that he needs to sleep in his bed and drugs Bree the night before she had to do a big cooking demo. What the holey hockey mom? He couldn’t man up and sleep in another room? He didn’t pour out the drugged tea or put away the sleeping pills?
Really sloppy!

Always shallow. I am glad that Carlos may be able to see again because blind Carlos is dull Carlos. Perhaps with the return of his vision he and Gabby can see that they are killing their kids. I don’t really cotton to mouthy kids so Gabby’s brats irk me! I will leave this go for now because they are children and my snarky comments should be reserved for adults.
Since Gabby was always so shallow I can understand why she is so upset about Carlos reacting to the way she looks but I am going to put some of this on Gabby. If she is so worried about the way she looks, why does she dress like she gets her clothes by the pound? Again, I am not a fashion plate but I also know my limits. I am not whining about my looks (much) and I was never a fashion model. And while on the model subject: How was tiny Gabby a model? Unless Tyra Banks is just trying to give us short people a complex (models should be 5’9″ and above) then how was she an international supermodel?

What is the deal with this babe? She is truly the mistress of duplicity. She lies to her kids, lies to the cops, lies to herself (because she probably tells herself that she is a good parent). Obviously Matt Damon junior, aka Porter, is missing something if he and Donna Abandando are messing around. Perhaps he can’t deal with his sneaky mother. If Porter did set the fire why would Linette and Tom protect him? SO they can sleep with one eye open for the next ten years? Anyhoo, off of my soapbox, I just don’t get why Linette creates these monsters and then seems puzzled by their actions.
Yadda, yadda, yadda, Linette lies to everyone in ear shot, sends Anne off with a stack of dough and I’m done.

Or Lt Hawk. Dave just looks like a straight up whack job on this episode. He seems unnerved that seven people were killed but does what any rational person with beige hair and alien eyes does: blame someone else. I’m not too upset with Dave’s actions. One thing I have learned by watching DH is that he will get his in the end. When Dave visits Mike in the hospital (?) he asks for a friend. Man up! Can Dave get any more creepier? He just seems yucky and not menacing, what with the hair, the begging for a friend, the aimless stares.

My sister didn’t like this episode but it was OK for me. There promises to be a Bob and Lee sighting (woo hoo!)


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