Who’s that Girl?

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One week into the new school year and The Bee and I are already assuming the position: running late and heading to Wawa for coffee (me) and lunch (her). As I grabbed a couple of items I momentarily lost sight of The Bee in the store. Wawas are not huge stores, they are convenient stores (with the price to match its convenince) so I wasn’t panicked. As I glanced around the aisles I realized I didn’t see her but I did see a young woman walking towards me.
A young woman I know.
My young woman.
When did my kid get so big?
I mean, I see her everyday so I know that she is growing, that she is maturing and well she is a tween but holy growth spurt Batman! My kid is quickly becoming a young lady.

“Oh!” I said. “It’s you”
In that typical tween way she looked at me and asked who else it would be.
Who else?

I just want time to stop for a few minutes and be able to grab my kid and hug her in public without that outrage call of “Mooooooom!” Is it too much to ask that time slow down for me so that I can capture all of the moments that I think I am missing?


I guess I have to enjoy the moments.



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