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In a normal week a two pound weight loss would be a reason to celebrate. Anything that makes the scale head south should be viewed as success but in reality I am in a contest and I want to win.

I thought eating mindfully would be all I needed but truthfully I need a bit more guidance. I mean, I love the fact that I am eating differently. I am not using food as a comfort, using food as a coping mechanism and if I want a cookie, I eat and enjoy that cookie. But mindful eating, while doing wonders for my digestive system and palate, is not doing a thing for this contest.

Enter The Digest Diet.

My friend Sarah from Genesis Moment shared that she was going to be starting the diet and originally I thought that it wasn’t for me. You know, DIET and all. This is supposed to be a life style change but the promise of dropping 26 pounds in 3 weeks was too good for me to ignore. I told myself that I would at least LOOK through the book, an advance readers copy that I got from Book Expo America.

Reading through the book, the diet seems straight forward enough. Easy to follow and, best of all, possible. It’s not complicated and for 21 little days, I can make some changes especially if I can see a results in as little as four days.

Liz Vaccariello is a fabulous author. The book is straightforward, easy to read and understand, easy to follow. I really appreciate that Liz has faults and that she shares them with the reader. Her weight loss journey is not easy and she shares her real life obstacles that she encounters. I don’t feel quite as alone as I worry about wanting to skip a workout or eat that extra hot dog (or two).

While the Challenge started Monday, I will begin my challenge on Saturday. I need to hit my farmer’s market and stock up on the supplies and I also need to finish reading through the book. While it is a quick read, I don’t want to miss anything in a rush to begin.

The challenge is slated to run through October 2 which is just in time for my birthday! A slimmer Rachee? I’ll take it!

Stay tuned and see how I do.


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  1. Good luck! I started on Tuesday. Looking forward to reading more.

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