When librarians riot!

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How do you make women (and a sprinkle of men) who are normally calm, cool and collected go wild?

If they are library types then you give the mere hint at freebies!

Today my destination was Baker & Taylor for their biannual Publishers Book Preview. Think Fashion Week for books. I wasn’t able to attend all three days and in the future will make it my business to attend because there was so much information to be had.

All the new titles for the Spring were featured. Such as a third book featuring Llama Llama as well as a new Madeline.

(I need an unlimited budget and unlimited space because there were so many titles that I wanted!)

Also, I was privy to little known facts such as 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, the 40th anniversary of the moon landing and March 20th is Eric Carle Day.

Well, the publishers provide preview copies, review copies and other book related swag (or QC) for promotional reasons. There was a table full of everything, books, posters, pencils, toys, bags, pens. While I ran my mouth, the library types descended on the table like locusts! I likes my freebies too but dang! I did mange to score three graphic novels for my teens as well as a really cute stuffed pig and pencils (can never have too many of those).

I also got to meet Judy Byron Schachner who drew a picture of Skippy Jon Jones with locs for me!

Despite getting lost and not grabbing more books than I need, I had a pretty awesome day. I can’t wait for the Spring preview. This time I know where I am going and I know what to expect.


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