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I’m in a weird space this week. Not sure what it is or where I am going with it so here are some chuckles that are helping me through it.

This was me all week:

I did not play well with others, which led to lots of nervous noshing:

And the return of feeling blah:

and this: 

Hello self doubt, my old friend.
Which was fleeting since I finished both workouts like a champ and it made me feel like Flo-Jo:


I started getting my house together since I am off from work all next week:


And I found a home for the last of the kittens I inadvertently found myself taking care of:



But the lingering doubt still is strong. It broke when one of my favorite groups came over for storytime and I felt like a ROCK STAR amid their hugs and accolades.


I chatted with some friends (one is a cop…yo!) and I’m headed out for some time with my family.


Plus I just got paid and what’s left after bills folds and not rolls.









Also? And I’m not this guy:





How is YOUR week?


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