Twisted Mix Tape is Gonna Write You a Love Song

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It’s a day of love and lovers, flowers and heart-shaped candy and Jen is asking us to share a mix tape of love songs.


Let’s boogie!



Each song that I chose has a special meaning.


Chrisette Michele – If I Have My Way


This song reminds me of those first days of love. That heady, wild feeling of new. The excitement of not knowing what’s coming next, the butterflies in the stomach.


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Peter Gabriel – The Book of Love


Being in a long-term relationship does mean that you kinda forget that heady excitement of new love. It’s not boring it’s…comfortable and familiar and almost perfect.

Please excuse the video. I love me some Scrubs and couldn’t help myself.

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The Beatles- Something


You see him and blush, feel giddy and silly, stupid even. It’s that something that makes you know that it’s all good.

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As – Stevie Wonder


Stevie Wonder is just the best. Gushing aside, this song is the declaration of love for always.

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Billy Joel – Just The Way You Are


Without delving into a thing let me share that there are times where I am feeling a bit less than. Listening to The Piano Man crooning about loving one just the way they are makes me happy.


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Something Good – The Sound of Music 1965


Even though Julie Andrews is on my list I’ve always loved this scene from The Sound of Music. Maria and the Captain FINALLY get together and the scene is just perfect.Lovers slipping off for a secret meeting, whispered sweet nothings, shadows. Just the best.


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What are your favorite love songs? Tell me in the comments.

Happy heart day!


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  1. WOW! Thanks for taking me on a flashback of memories with all your music/videos!! Visiting from SitGirls “Comment Love” tribe. I’m a day late but I’m here. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!

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