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When Effin Guy and I started dating we would reserve Mondays as date night. The week was filled with mommy duties for The Bee, saw me working two jobs and, at the time, training for a race (ha!). Effin Guy was running a business, both brick and mortar and online, which took almost all of his time. Plus he was doing his best Kenny Rogers and he would be playing poker a couple of nights a week. We kind of fell into a comfortable schedule; we would chat on the phone and stay in touch with sweet texts during the week but when Monday rolled around…oh yeah! That was date night and it was our time. We would throw off the constraints of our respective domestic and responsible duties and felt the freedom to be spontaneous, spending long evenings together with no other commitments.


Throwback photo from when Effin Guy and I would do Mondays. We are so darn adorable!


Gratuitous couple shot. @effincomics #yarn

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A few years into the relationship and date nights have turned from long lingering dinners, whispered promises and late nights into a more low-key situation. There is The Teen on the couch texting and keeping us hip with pop culture. There is me finishing up a yarn thing or completing something for work making “uh-huh” noises while chatting with The Teen and there is Effin Guy, lounging on the couch checking the latest sale for his store while some movie no one is watching is blaring from the TV.  

Uh-oh! Suddenly we had gotten TOO busy to GET busy!   While the homebody in me loves this more comfortable arrangement, I miss spending adult time with my guy. Things seemed OK but I knew something was wrong when Effin Guy would drop by work surprising me with coffee and a muffin or a brunch invite. Effin Guy is a night owl and for him to get up early to spend a few moments with me, I knew that it was time to make us a priority again. So Operation Stop Being Busy and GET BUSY was born.

The Plan:

Schedule a Date Night We tried the traditional date night route, actually scheduling a date for a special evening. It had been so easy to offer lazy, unconfirmed ideas which could be broken at the ready instead of a special night that we would both look forward to. Making a date with plans ensured that we made time for each other.


Primp and Preen Since our latest date nights mostly involved sweats and squishy socks, it was time to get all va va voomy and dress up. I pulled out all of the stops including my abandoned potions and powders and wore contacts and a little makeup. rachee lips


Clear My Schedule Far too often I have fell victim to, “just one more thing, one more e-mail, one more row” and the next thing I know I’m in for the night. All interruptions are met with a firm, “No” and my guy becomes priority.


Don’t forget the KY Liquibeads  Since I’ve gotten – gasp!- older and have not been quite as active my body has a mind of its own. Sometimes my heart says yes but other parts scream, “CLOSED!” This was the easiest part of the plan despite the dark and stormy night when I headed to Walgreens.


The aisles were clear of people, like the universe knew that I needed to shop. 557

  Once home, a quick overview of the product: 579  


And after several reads of the instructions, I was able to prepare myself.

Very dramatic re-enactment of me reading instructions. They are actually easy to comprehend!

Please note…KY Liquibeads are liquid and really work to keep you ready. To ensure…feeling fresh, use the product a few days before the big night. See clip for instructions on use.



What happened on The Date


Let’s just say lots of silly grins. And blushing.


The Verdict

It happens, we all get too busy to get busy but with a little planning and a little prep with KY Liquibeads, date night can be intimate, fun and good reason for slowing down.


You can plan your own special night thanks to this coupon from Save 1.00 off of the price of KY Liquibeads and get busy, getting busy!

Fine print: Women who are pregnant or nursing, should first consult a doctor before using.


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  1. Pamela King says:

    Haha cute post! You guys look like you have a lot of fun together so the spontaneity is probably really high with you guys!

  2. Summer Len Davis says:

    You guys are so cute together! Sometimes it is difficult to remember that we have to put our significant others in a position to woo us all over again. Life is mundane, routine sucks. Thanks for the reminder that we need to get together more often #client

  3. MJ says:

    I love date night. The hubs and I are long overdue. We do Monday family day and we catch a movie together on the couch but we definitely need to do more.

  4. Date night? What's that? It's been far too long since we've hung out sans babes. Cute post. Enjoy! 😉

  5. Adanna says:

    LOL at the clear aisle at Walgreens. Hope you enjoyed your date night.

  6. Gwen Hodrick says:

    One of my motto to couples is to continue to date each other. I notice that when we skip out on date night, things do become mundane. So, we schedule at least one date night per month 🙂

  7. So you were the ones who cleared the aisle at Walgreens, huh? lol. You are working that lippie. Hope you enjoyed your date night 😉

  8. Bernetta says:

    Ok… Imma be honest. I want to try these! LOL
    You look like you had fun trying these out or getting ready to try them out!

  9. Ah yes, hubby and I have had to come up with “date morning”, “date day” or “date afternoon” in order to squeeze time in. We get it in where we can. And it’s so easy to “get too busy to get busy”. But about these beads…I may have to try them 🙂

  10. This is fun article. It is important for us to find ways to fit in dates, fun and intimate times as often as possible with our busy schedules. It is wonderful when there is technology and stuff like this that helps us to be romantic and spontaneous.

  11. Curvatude says:

    Cure post (love the CLOSED) and a good reminder to make time.

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