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National Corn Dog Day!

Remember that place in the Gallery that sold corndogs? Since my senior moments are coming at a more alarming rate (gulp!) I cannot think of the name as I type. Anyhoodle, when my sister and I would jump on the el and head for the mall we would always get them. If we were shopping with my mom, she would cry foul saying they weren’t real food but would eventually relent. I stopped eating them for a while, just cause but when shopping and saw that there was a box of 48 (!) at BJ’s I was in heaven.

I sure do love me a corn dog. Hot Dogs are yummy but poke it with a stick, dip in batter and pop it into a deep fryer, and you have got such a delicacy!
That’s good eatin’!
Hmmm, corndogs (Homer Simpson moan).

The Bee doesn’t like them (if I had not been there I swear I would think she was adopted) so more for me! The above link has people putting together parties…Hmmm. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps?

Alone or in a group I am going to enjoy a corndog (or three).


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