Sneak Previews 2009

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Wednesday I was privy to another secret of the library type: Sneak Previews 2009. Sneak Previews is a showcase for a variety of artists to tout their wares. The performers are given five minutes to sell themselves so that we can book them for our various house of education. About 30 performers were on hand today to actually be in the showcase. There were also those performers who were not scheduled working the crowd. I have got program ideas for the next six months!

OK, snarkey comment: While watching all I could think of was that episode of The American Life called My Big Break. There were a few performers who effortlessly made it happen. There were a few who looked like they attended the Rachée school of public performance.

Because I was late (what else is new?) I missed the first few performers but the ones I did see were great!
Silly Joe (biased, he was at my library last year, was great and will be returning this summer!)
Daria Marmaluk Hajioannou
ILLSTYLE & Peace Productions

I can’t really say that I don’t like anyone. I was impressed with all of the performers and the idea that they were doing what they loved. We even got to rub elbows with them at a networking lunch!

I have booked one person; an interactive scientist for the preschoolers. She was pretty cool anf I think the kids would like her.

More later. Hopefully we can get some pics (Bianca, Denise! Help me out!!).
Getting ready to boogie!


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