Thoughtful Tuesdays: What’s that Smell?

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It’s that time of year again; the time when coats are shed, short sleeves and sleeveless tops are the rage, when the little ones that were kids ahve now become young ladies and young men and when they start to smell.


As a kid I often had moments when I needed to be alone. My mom and grandmother’s solutions ranged from gentle suggestions for me to ‘hit those pits’, not so subtle gifts of deodorants to anger at not keeping myself clean. I survived and as an adult am very aware that I need to be, well aware of myself. Now that I have a kid it’s difficult to be aware of these emotions. I understand my mom’s frustrations; I buy a plethora of products for The Bee yet there are days when I know she’s around before I see her. Just when I was at my wit’s end, I found a campaign from Degree, Dove and Suave to give me some additional tools to help communicate with my kid how important it is that she takes care of herself.

The Don’t Fret the Sweat web page is full of advice to help you talk with your tween about their changing bodies, a wonderful pamphlet designed to help your tween buy into the idea and the comfort of knowing that you are not alone. There s a variety of products available to combat the sweat and tips to help you ease the conversation.

Below are real people talking about their experiences.
Check them out. Before I was even approached about sharing this info I was an avid Degree and Dove user. I am happy and confident that I will continue to be one especially after checking out the site.

It’s been getting much better and now I feel confident that The Bee and I will be secure and dry chicks who glisten when we run.

Feeling fresh,

Although I am participating in a One2One Network campaign and am eligible to win cool prizes, all opinions expressed are my own and I have not been influenced in any way.


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