The Twelve Days of Christmas: Pinching Pennies and Earning Bucks

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Today’s prompt: Budget Friendly Ideas

The last few holidays have been a tad tight. My inability to budget, the ripple effect of the pay cut from hospital job to library chick is finally settling and going from two incomes to one, aka divorce, just wrecked havoc on my wallet. At first I used to panic, would get angry and semi boycott the holidays. Last year my friend Cecily hipped me to the world of blogging. While I wasn’t exactly able to quit my day job, I did find that there were others in the blogosphere who shared similar stories. Instead of being a whiny, whiny boo boo (OK that was only me) they did something, anything. They went to tree lightings, seasonal events and just enjoyed the moment and not things. As a faithful worshiper of stuff it was hard to give up the idea of a bunch of stuff and focus on the moment. It was is tough but doable.

This year The Bee and I shopped early. This way I wasn’t feeling that sticker shock procrastination seems to bring. We also decided that experiences were better than things. The Bee has developed an interest in play writing and acting and I found a great way for her to extend her experience. The rest is redacted. I’ve just found out my kid is reading my blog on a regular basis and I want her to be surprised. 

We are also doing more homemade things. We are both crafty and even if not we have enough supplies in out house to fake it until we make it. I have a few scarves and hats on the hooks cause face it, you can NEVER have enough scarves and hats! Also when I was in Old Navy today I saw a neck warmer that I can totally make. 

There are scores of events that are free or a nominal fee that we plan on attending. My fellow bloggers are always sharing events and when all else fails we can totally grab a few movies, a pizza and have a girls night in.

I’ve invited the family over for a gathering and we are just going to snack, hang out and reconnect. At first I felt cheesy and cheap but heck, there is a recession going on and I just don’t have it. I’m OK not cramming one more thing in my house and enjoying my kid.

Gathering memories, not things,

Barbara from A Life in Balance (she was a guest blogger earlier this year!) put together a special list of posts to highlight the upcoming holiday.  Each day from November 28th to December 9th, bloggers are invited to share special holiday themed topics.  Please feel free to link up or visit the blogs of all of the participants. 

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