The Blog Dare Day 1: Social Media Goals for 2012

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So this year I joined the Blog Dare which uh dares one to blog daily. *Maniacal laugh* I had a beast of a time blogging daily for BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo and didn’t think I was up to the task but alas…here I be. I promise that future post titles will be a bit more…fun.

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So today’s dare: My social media goals for 2012.
Hmmm…I think I’ve come along way since I started hunting and pecking and calling it a blog but I know tere is so much more to go. I think this year I will KISS my blog: Keep it simple Stupid.

Listen to friends

I love the advice I read from my friend Brandi who blogs as Mama Knows it All. She shares some wonderful doable tips on blogging on a budget.

Take a class

My Philly Social Media Group offers inexpensive workshops and I was very happy to see that for January my frioend Cecily is leading a workshop on writing. Cecily writes The Uppercase Woman and is a phenomenal writer. She has encouraged me in so many ways and this workshop would be a great way to learn more from her. Cecily also writes for MomCrunch and has some really good advice on social media and building a better blog, brand and you.

Stop being that girl who can’t say no

When I went to my first social media thing early last year I was introduced to the wonderful world that is social media. There were so many ideas, groups, places that wanted to sign me up and I did provide my e-mail addy fadster than speeding bullet. But some places didn’t respond, some did and some just weren’t a fit for me. I still get e-mail that I would swear I did not sign up for. Instead of trying to be all things to all people social media I think I will drop those that I don’t regularly interact with. The ones that I am active in I will truly engage and participate.

Stay on task

One of my stressors is to overwhelm myself. I am totes not one of those people who like to take on extra cause I know it will get done. I tend to drop the ball and watch as it rolls away. This year I am going to take what I want (posts, tasks, opps) and use what I take. Instead of committing to something and resentfully completing it, I will do what feels right and go for it. I will set time limits, goals and get her done.  I am still using my organizational tools that I wrote about last year (ha!) and so far it is working.

Have fun

Enjoy! I think blogging had gotten to be such a chore that I stopped liking it. I will do write as I like and keep it fun. I think my posts are better when they are not written for the sake of me saying that I wrote.

I may will look back on this list and think that I can add to it and probably will but for now here is to a great start for 2012.



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  1. oboyorganic says:

    Its so hard to find the balance isn’t it! Good luck with your 2012 goals and I look forward to seeing you at some local workshops and conferences.

  2. Uneeka Jay says:

    Blogging daily? I admire you. Good luck on these goals. I wish you well!

  3. mammabearsworld says:

    Excellent thoughts! I am in the same “stressing over blogging” boat. I’m trying to revisit what I found fun and exciting about blogging, and hoping to be more consistent with the frequency of my posts.

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