Mission Impossible…More like Mission Improbable!

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I have a theory. Action movies, kung fu movies and pornos are all alike: One puts up with the “plot” to get to the action. So when I went to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, I was only going to fuel my Simon Pegg crush. The plot is something about Russian nuclear weapons, Ethan Hunt and the IMF team being disavowed…again and some other stuff that made the mission more improbable than impossible.

Random thoughts:
Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn.
*wipes tear*
How do count the ways of how adorably cute he is?
He’s funny.
He has that accent and he just worked as the computer tech.

Paula Patton is HOT! 
Although this same hotness bothered me in the movie. Once again the female, BLACK female, character is used and sexualized as she seduces some dude for codes for the nuclear weapons. The powers that be did redeem this use of her as an object as she was such an ass kicker in this movie. I totes want to take a self defense class after seeing her kick lots of ass in this movie.

Brad Bird as director
So, there is a scene towards the end where Tom Cruise is chasing the bad guy and they wind up in an garage that parks high end vehicles. I swear this so reminded me of that scene in Monster’s Inc when Sully, Mike and BOo are being chased by Randall Boggs through the doors. As the garage twisted and turned and the two men jumped and fought I kept waiting for Boo to jump out and scream “Wasowski!”

Tom Cruise shirtless
Excuse me while I vomit a little in my mouth.
Yes, I have no room to talk (covers fat stomach) but eww.

The iPhone working as it was supposed too.
I do worship at the temple of Apple and may have to eat my words but c’mon. Either AT&T are screwing me, my phone is crap or this movie took many liberties. My network is S-L-O-W! The IMF team downloaded info like no one’s business in this movie! The first spy to get whacked was trying to access who the assassin was and it took a while to download and her got shot. Believable. Tom Cruise tracking down the bad guy in a sand storm and FINDING HIM…not so much. He obviously wasn’t using the free MapQuest apps (which may be my problem).

The mission itself
The IMF team breaks into THE KREMLIN. Really? As they saunter in with a ridiculously complicated way to fool the guards no one checks any of their equipment? In Dubai they find out that they need to do something in the server which can only be accessed from outside of the 130 story building. Tom Cruise SCALES the building and no one sees him? Also, there is a sand storm that causes people to run for cover yet there are cars driving along the road. The bad guy and Tom Cruise get into a HEAD ON collision and BG just gets up and RUNS away!

Jeremy Renner is quite adorable too
Although he always looks slightly worried and like he just woke up and can’t find his keys. His mission was also a tad overdone. He wears a magnetic suit. That gets him through a security check. Please!

I don’t have an intense dislike of Tom Cruise per se. I did enjoy bits of the movie and think that it was overall  fun, matinee with some movie popcorn worthy.

Accepting a mission,


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