That Time I Was Invited To Be in a Cooking Contest #FLKeysCookOff

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So, last fall I attended BlogHer Food and cam back from the conference empowered to use the kitchen for more than warming up takeout. Before heading to Austin, I did cook but those recipes were some tired, unimaginative throwing together of ingredients that resulted in food but “meh” food.

After the conference, my new kitchen became a sanctuary of sorts. It was fun to go in create a meal. Cooking classes at the local library, a few new toys and finding cookbooks that contain recipes which are doable and possible and a family willing to try new things meant that cooking wasn’t some awful chore but a way to relax and spread some love to my family. Throw in a trial of Blue Apron and OMG dinner was an event not inhaled while standing at the sink but a time to sit together and savor the experience.

My new found love of cooking was shared on Instagram and other social sites. There was some (a lot of) humble bragging when the recipe actually looked like the picture. There were some happy dances when The Bee, she of picky pallete, would actually ask for seconds.

And now I headed to a competition for Aversa PR’s newest client, Florida Keys & Keys West, to whip up a Keys Inspired Dish.

What what now? 

In Monday, March 6th, I’ll join other local bloggers for a fun and friendly competition. We will be at The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College where local celebrities will judge our creations.

To prepare I have been reading anything containing the word Key Lime. So far all I’ve made is my family hungry but it’s been a blast checking out recipes, collecting ideas. Kory did specify “NO cooking experience is required” and I’ve interpreted that to mean that I’m cool since I’ve never made a Key Lime anything.

Follow me and the other contestants across social using hashtag “#FLKeysCookOff” to see how we’re getting prepared. Some of us, ok ME…I am doing some trash talking but it’s mostly about my own cooking skills (hiyo!). The competition is almost here and even if I don’t win a trip to Florida, I’m excited to add “Key Lime Pie” to my box of tricks.



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