Tangled Tuesdays: She’s lost her Crojo!

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Every so often I lose my crojo (that’s crochet mojo). I’m not sure why this is but I do know that my hooks lay in a heap, my yarn is all tangled and I find myself thinking about making things but that’s all I do. Think.

My library was fortunate enough to have someone create mascots for my section, the Family Room and my coworker A and I decided that these mascots, the Family Room Friends (that name is a work in progress and if I can thinking of something groan worthy I’m changing names!), will be introduced during the summer. I scoured Pinterest (of course!) and found these to be the sweetest ones.

My goal is to have them finished by the time we start visits to the schools for summer. Ideally I would like to have enough to give out but I am a lazy hooker and will probably only get one of each completed. I have been lax about reaching out to my fellow stitchers but to anyone itching to create, please consider this a request for help and know that I will gladly take you up on offers to create these guys)

We will have a contest for the mascots to give them names but for now, here is an intro to the Family Room Friends:

A wise old owl who will accompany us during Sleepytime Tales, our evening storytime.
Don’t these just scream “PILLOW?”

These too cute dinos who will stomp on over to Preschool Playschool, our play and learning exploration group.
This pattern is $3.00 and so stinking cute I may just have to support a small business woman. 

Source: etsy.com via Rachée on Pinterest

A wee octopus for Wee Read, our preschool storytime group.
Another pillow calling out.

A sheep for our baaabies (see what I did there?), the Bibs-n-Books group. This is the infant toddler storytime. I love both of these sheep but the second one was not available in English. The loops on both give me pause. They seem complicated but I think I may be able to pull them off if I am careful.

Source: caron.com via Rachée on Pinterest

And since my Book Bunch group is full of wigglers, a bookworm. I’m partial to her glasses. Yes. I made the worm female.

Remember that HUGE crochet giveaway that I blogged about? I won! I’m waiting for my package to come and am totes excited to see my booty. There is some fiber fill that I can use to help create my book buddies, yarn to just enjoy and magazines just waiting to be thumbed through. Thinking about this is making me  excited to start something and, dare I say it, I may actually finish!

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