Tangled Tuesdays: Knooks, Grannies and Yarn… Oh my!

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Before I dusted off my knitting needles, a co-worker, D, hipped me to something called the Knook. According to the site the Knook is supposed to allow crocheters the ability to knit without having to know how to knot. When D showed me her set she waxed a yarn (see what I did there) about how much she liked the set and I was hating intrigued. Thanks to an Amazon gift cert I won during a Twitter party I was able to get a beginner set.

The knook is basically Tunisian crochet without the afghan hook. For real. Someone thought to put a a plastic string at the edge of a hook and instead of using two hooks to create something you need just use the wire and one hook.

Why didn’t I think of this? Then I could be raking in the dough while suckers were buying wires.

I suppose if my other co-worker, The Yarn Whisperer, hadn’t given me a lesson on how to knit, if I hadn’t had some free time to practice and if I hadn’t really read the book that I had bought for a dollar at a flea market the Knook would be a great thing. But really. It’s Tunisian crochet using a wooden hook (which I like) on a wire (which reminds me of a circular knitting needle which I also like).
Well played Leisure Arts. Well Played.

In other news, I finally made a blanket! It’s really a big granny square but I have actually completed a blanket! It was made for The Bee to keep her warm during track meets. By golly is it cold as we wait for her heats. Track is a lot of hurry up and wait and so far the two races  that she has participated in have been cold, wet and miserable affairs. The blanket is made in her school colors and it’s pretty warm. It took me four days to get her done and can be used to cover her when seated or like a huge shawl when she’s moving around.

Lastly, my sister got a whole lotta yarn that I don’t know what I’d like to do with but since she is sharing I won’t turn her down. Yes. I am a yarn whore.

Don’t judge me.

What are you tangled up in?


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