Tangled Tuesdays: How to Read a Yarn Label #tbccrafters

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r’s note: I am linking up with The Blogger Connection Crafters again. This is an older post but chock full of information to help one read yarn labels. Happy hooking!

My visit to the Lion Brand store not only netted me some awesome yarns but I also got a little education from one of the employees. I had a basic understanding of yarns but in reality I was all about the colors and what was on sale. It didn’t matter what the label said, if a color I liked was on sale that was pretty much how I chose my yarn.

I would stay away from thread and lacy yarns, My impatient hook would ultimately tangle the yarn and I would end up with a huge mess. Bulky weights soon became a favorite; they work up quickly and give me an instant fix and satisfied feeling of completion. I have plenmty of worsted weight in my stasg abd have been working from my stash to complete projects.

I saw this pin on Pinterest from Stitch11. This guide for reading yarn labels is wonderful. It makes sense of all of the symbols from the label!
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Hopefully this neat infographic will help you as it helped me!

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