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In which I have become THAT Mom

Today, like far too many others, The Bee and I were running late.
Despite getting things ready last night, this morning found us making a mad dash out of the house in an attempt to get to work and school on time. The Bee has school pictures today and could wear “dressy” clothes instead of the uniform that has become the norm. The braids that she wears were traded for her wearing her hair “out” in curls. Best laid plans and boom. We were late.
It frustrates me so much. As we were getting dressed The Bee pulled on a stained sweatshirt and s=is her normal wear. The braids that she normally wears was traded for hea
We didn’t make it.
En route to school the frustrations from the dash got to me and I am ashamed to say that I took it out on The Bee. As we drove to school I admonished her for not getting


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