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Beautiful people traveling at warp speed

Went to see Star Trek last week.
It was entertaining but as always I must be a nitpicker.
This 2009 version is the J.J.(of Lost fame) Abrahms vision in which we get the back story of Kirk and co. While I love Star Trek, I am not the die-hard Trekkie/Trekker who is able to determine the episode by the opening scene or can tell you who played ensign blah blah on episode so and so. My love is merely for the idea that Star Trek is cool.
Anywhosit, last weekend I went with Buffy, Dill and my BIL (who talks nearly as much as Pop during a movie; sheesh apple…tree!) and this is our PM.

My biggest complaint: What is the deal with Simon Pegg’s Scotty showing up dang near when the movie was over? This sequel had better have more Scotty.

I’ll feed ya

Now: What is the deal with the time travel plot line? Star Trek: Generations, the first TNG movie, had a whole plot line involving time travel, revenge and loss of family. The Romulan Nero is just a more violent take on Malcolm McDowell’s Dr. Soran. Really, he waited 25 years to get revenge on Spock?

When Kirk took the Kobayashi Maru exam, he cheated by creating a scenario in which rescue is an option. The cocky Kirk in J.J.’s version just cheated so that he could win. WTH?

Oh yes, I forgot my random look-a-like. Doesn’t Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk look like Dave Dash from Desperate Housewives?

Separated at birth?

Uhura and Spock! Whoa! Didn’t see that. In the original series, Spock was always trying to be more Vulcan yet in J.J.’s version Spock seems to have embraced the part of him that is human, only trotting out his “I’m an emotionless Vulcan” when he needs to make logical decisions. Such as throwing Kirk onto a frozen tundra. I’m just saying.

Bones was always my favorite character (something about crusty old men) but the actor playing McCoy in this update seemed as if he prepped for his role by watching old episodes of Star Trek and then tried to out McCoy, the original McCoy. He was funny when he declared, “I’m a doctor, not a nuclear physicist” (or something like that).

Harold as Sulu? He was good. Where was Kumar? (Hiyo)
I never liked Chekov so I have no opinion on this new one.

I am a sucker for backstories, beginnings and the like so while I still feel meh, I did enjoy and will return for a matinee this weekend,

Beaming up (yeah, I went there)

P.S. I didn’t make my communicator pin. I suck.


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