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Four plus years ago I pestered my sister to teach me to knit. After a few disastrous lessons, she snatched her needles away, thrust a hook into my hand and my crocheting life began. I love to crochet and am a fierce defender of the craft but lately I have been considering a defection to the other side.


Don’t judge me; I feel bad enough as it is! I still think crocheting is great – instant gratification when I can quickly complete a project – but lately my satisfaction has begin to wane. I am not inspired by the crochet patterns that I have and my hooks and yarn lay abandoned. On my last visit to a yarn shop, I was only somewhat awed by the rainbow colored skeins that lay before me. I actually found myself lingering near the hooks and needles and I actually considered grabbing a few knitting needles that were on sale. I stopped short as the guilt of using two needles grabbed me (remember…I’ve got issues) and quickly made my exit.

When I got home I looked at some crochet thread that is supposed to be a shrug, noted the tangle that I left it in and tried to whet my appetite with some patterns.
My mind was not on hooking. I have still been thinking about knitting.

I refuse to actually purchase the needles; I tend to go overboard and become a girl who ‘cain’t say no’. The fates have stepped in; while doing circ desk duties, I have come across more than one book on knitting: socks, scarves and bags. Sweaters and a cute hat. I admit that I even shelled out a quarter for a used Kid’s Knit book (I figure if a kid could get the instructions, then so could I).

It would seem that I am making a big deal out of nothing but it’s a big deal to me. I tend to totally inundate myself with whatever it is that I am interested in and my interest peters out after a bit and I stuck with unused supplies. There is also the sister factor. I really don’t want to hear her bitchin’ about me copying her.

Nuts to that. I am going to grab that knit kit I got many, many moons ago and give it a purl.
If you see some odd looking yarn creations, a polite smile and nod will do.
Stuck between hooks and needles,


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.


  1. mrsrkfj says:

    What a biter! I am glad that I won’t have to duck and of those things we saw at the last flea market. (insert Simpson’s shudder here)

  2. bettyl says:

    I tried to teach myself to knit after crocheting for many years, but I couldn’t keep the yarn on the needles!

  3. I would love to learn, but so far I haven’t the patience to learn either.

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