Spring Bunny Color Match

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Welcome Spring with a fun bunny color match game!

With Spring in the air, I am beginning to find my mojo again at work. With longer days, there are more people visiting the library. More people mean a chance to share what we are doing in our storytimes and it was time to revisit the Please Touch Discovery Stations.

Please Touch Discovery Station: Bunny Color Match Game

Please Touch Discovery Station: Bunny Color Match Game


The Please Touch Discovery Stations were created to share what we did during our storytimes with parents and children who may not be able to attend the programs we have during the day. The Stations can be a lot of work but fun once the idea is formed. I do get a positive reaction from my families so it is worth the time to work them up.

To make your own Bunny Match Color Game:

To create:

Print out the number of bunnies/rabbits you may want to use.

Sort bottle caps to match the colors you want your bunnies to be.

Color each bunny to match the bottle caps.

Laminate the bunnies and cut them out.

Add magnetic strips to to the back of each rabbit.For reach rabbit I used about an inch of magnet strip and cut that in half. I placed half on the head and half near the feet to ensure that the rabbit would stay put.

Add Velcro to the tail of the rabbit and to the flat side of the cap.

You’ve got yourself a game!

Please Touch Discovery Station: Bunny Color Match Game

A young library user matches colors.


The Bunny Color Match Game is on display along with a few bunny themed books which are available for checkout.
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Variations of this game

I thought of two variations of the game, which I would like to explore for another theme (perhaps beach umbrellas for summer?)

  • The colors could be written on the back of each rabbit or shared in another language and the children could practice reading the names.
  • Using pom poms for the tails instead of bottle caps.



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  1. Alana Pace-Robillard says:

    This is so cute and clever! It's right up my daughter's alley! Where did you find the different bottle lid colours? So simple, but so smart!

  2. Krista says:

    What a cute idea! My 17 month old would love this and it would be so great to teach him colors!

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