Soundtrack for getting back on track.

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I’ve created a monster.

Last year when I first asked my friend Bookwoman to run with me in the Philadelphia Marathon she, unlike me* weighed all of her options and made an informed decision before agreeing to participate. Bookwoman actually read, and finished, the books to motivate the non-runner, bought the proper shoes (not relying on discounted shoes from Kohl’s) and actually motivated me as I bitched and moaned through scenic Philadelphia. After I swore that ‘it’ (it being running) was out of my system, Bookwoman’s enthusiasm and the overwhelming jealousy that ate me up inspiration I felt for the races she was competing in encouraged a change of heart. Rachée is running again baby!

Bookwoman has signed up for races now through the end of May and has even started recruiting people (namely me and Buffy). In an effort to not repeat my last race result I have made myself actually go to the gym that I joined last year.** Due to the crazy weather (rain, biting temps and the like) I have yet to hit the track but the gym is close by, waiting, albeit near the dangerously wonderful Five Guys (excuse me while I wipe drool from my mouth) and I’m there. I’m glad I’m back; I felt the spark of excitement that I once got a high from when I pounded the track, the exhilarating thrill that I, Rachée, was actually running (ok, wogging) again.

Soundtrack for getting back into the race:
Back for Good by Take That. Enough said.
Blame it on the Boogie by the Jackson Five. My lack of running CANNOT be blamed on the sunshine, or the moonlight, or the good times but…the boogie.
Sooner or Later by Les Brown & his orchestra.
The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats because we should all safely assume that Rachée will get it together.
You Can’t Stop the Beat from Hairspray. Rachée is back baby!

Loading up my play list,

*I jumped blindly into the race. I asked myself, “How hard could running 26 miles be?” and the answer as I later found out is damned hard!

** The added weather is getting warmer and more flesh will be showing was also a great motivator.


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