Soundtrack for a New Year

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Resolutions for a new year.

Get Me Bodied (Beyonce), The Rhythm is Gonna Get You (Miami Sound Machine) or Work It (Missy Elliott): Enjoy life more: I have been asked by The Bee three times today why I look so sad.

Food, Glorious Food! (Oliver!), Peel Me Grape (Diana Krall) or Hot Stuff (Donna Summer): This year I learn to cook

Simple Things (Minnie Riperton): Simplify my life

Run It (Chris Brown) or Running Like the Wind (Jem and the Holograms): I am going to run in at least six races this year

Question Existing (Rihanna) or Wake Me Up (Madi Diaz): Lead a more full life.

Family (Dreamgirls) or Family Affair (Mary J Blige): Spend more time with the family.

So far I have worked on the food (don’t ask why my pancakes tasted like a crepe) and simple living (I got rid of a pile of books that I had been holding on to for ‘just in case’)



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