Cooking Mama: Resolution Deux (D’oh!)

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Recently I have allowed myself to accept something that I have known but denied for a while: I can’t cook. I can bake. I can warm up (ba dum bum) but I cannot prepare a meal that is worthy.


My mom is a wonderful cook, albeit heavy with the salt. My sister’s obsession with Gordon Ramsey has made her inspired. As for me…as long as there are clean looking salad bars, Wawa, Dunkin’ Donuts and the Golden Arches, I am cool.

Whenever there is a potluck for work, school and the like, I always volunteer to bring plates cups, drinks, a cheesecake anything but the meal. Those times in which I was going in with somebody for the food I will gladly hand over my portion so that I can ‘help’ out with the cost.

Since my mom has been discharged from rehab (no, no, no) I have been charged with making sure she gets healthy hot meals. No longer will a cup of coffee and gum suffice for breakfast. So, my second resolution (the first can be found on Judi’s blog) is to learn to cook.

(You may be worrying over The Bee’s nutrition. Not to worry. Her dad is a pretty good cook and before my mom got sick, she would make wholesome meals.)

So for 2009 I am going to use my library card for something other than CDs and picture books: I have checked out a few recipe books and have dedicated myself to learn how to cook, prepare a meal and make food that is edible and appealing.



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