Sister, Sister…the conclusion.

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The smiling dimples greet me as I tap away at my desk. Hey! He calls as he slides his backpack off his shoulder and digs through for a pencil, a snack (no eating) and the schoolwork. I grab him for a quick hug; his friends are around and I wouldn’t want them to think him a baby* and feel a tad misty eyed. Arboo enters and gives me a hug. She is wearing the uniform of the district which gives her the appearance of a short tween. She gives me a distracted swipe across the cheek and heads for one of the two computers that house games with awesomely annoying songs.
The comes Buffy. She gives a half wave and looks at DVDs.
We haven’t spoken in weeks, communication through the kids, Mom or even her mister (we’re cool but damn!).
And just like that that thing is over. Now we’re back, not quite peas and carrots more like milk and Pepsi. The calls about nothing resume (a discussion on Family shenanigans, The Bee learning how to knit and whether 3Gs is the same as 8Gigs) and the comfortable sister life ensues

As I type I keep thinking of wasted time, words unspoken and indignities real or imagined. We’ve a lot of catching up to do.

Humming The White Stripes,

*although I was asked later why I don’t hug them all cause they all like me too!


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