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In which I share that I am doing things I was not able to do a month ago.

In prep for the Broad Street Run, as well as to get in shape and to stop sounding like Darth Vader, I have been getting gym time in when I can. I have found that being prepared (gym bag packed and left in the trunk of the car) means I can take advantage off things when it happens in my favor…The Bee hanging at my mom’s, headed over to her dad’s an extra day. I even made arrangements at work do that I could go in later one day a week to sneak in some gym time.

In the last few weeks I have gotten to week three of couch to 5K!
And last week at the gym I ran for five minutes.
FIVE minutes!
It may not seem like much but for me to run five minutes was a huge deal!

There have been so many days that I just want to hit snooze and roll over and head back to sleep. There are so many times that I want to tell myself that just one time skipping won’t be the end of the world but then I think about last year, skipping the race and disappointing myself once again.

So I run wog.

It is a slow endeavor but I am able to keep pace. I am not so sore after my workouts and my head doesn’t throb. I am able to keep up and I’ve been pushing myself but not overdoing it. And I am realizing that I am going to tear up Broad Street in a few weeks. I am going to be strong as I complete my race.

That’s right. COMPLETE.

Anywho, what have you all been doing health wise?
What have you realized that your body can actually do that you had sworn, declared, just KNOWN that you were not able to do?

Let me know.

Keep on trucking!



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  1. Lady Bren says:

    Way to go
    Friends of mine started the couch to 5K little over 2 years ago and just finished a 15K. they run in 5ks monthly and are addicted

    1. Rachee Fagg says:

      Right now it’s still in the pain in the neck stage but I am excited for the day when I feel like “I can’t wait” for a run.

  2. Current says:

    You are right , Lady Bren, it is addictive. Running needs some opposite activity, like stretch or water, but it is the most addictive of all.

    1. Rachee Fagg says:

      I’ve been doing a stretch routine and making sure I drink lots and lots of water.

  3. marc zazeela says:


    One small step at a time. Little by little we can get where we want. At first it seems so difficult but becomes easier as we progress and gain momentum.

    Congratulations on your small victories that will eventually win the war!


    1. Rachee Fagg says:

      Thanks Mark.
      Since this post I have been able to run at a steady pace for up to five minutes without being winded. A hige deal for me!

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