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My family and I were invited to the Ronald McDonald House in Camden, New Jersey as part of their new social media program, What’s Brewing. The event was also to share news of the launch of new Fish McBites, a crispy tender piece of white Alaskan Pollock, a new option for Happy Meals and snacks.

During the event we were able to sample Fish McBites, given information about local McDonalds an

I’m loving it!

Before the event began, The Bee and The Zilla were able to spend time with children staying at the Ronald McDonald House. We also had an opportunity to mug and show off our fish faces.

The kids had a blast playing with the children staying at the house. During lunch we met with some of the families and were able to witness first hand a bit of their experience. The Ronald McDonald House is such a great idea. The houses serve as a “home away from home” for families who have children being treated at nearby hospitals for critical injuries or traumatic injuries. Many of the children can reside at the house with their parents while undergoing treatment.

At lunch we were able to sample the bites and they were delicious! I was surprised at how yummy and filling they are. They were crispy and the bite size was perfect for popping into my mouth or on a sandwich.

The menu at McDonald’s has been updated to include lots of healthier meal options including salads, apple slices and water or apple juice. The Zilla and The Bee both opted for apple juice and apple slices with their meals.

After lunch the children were treated by a visit from Ronald. There was lots of excitement and he thrilled the group with fun stories and tricks. Ronald does lots of visits to local organizations and I was especially excited to learn he does a program at libraries!

While Ronald entertained the littles, we met with Karen Traa, a local McDonald’s Owner/Operator. Karen also sits a national advisory board for McDonalds and let us now that they are listening and making changes! There are menu options for items with under 400 calories, choices when ordering and   menu items can be made to order if so desired.

We were offered and went on a tour for the house and were able to see the rest of the facility. During the tour we took through the house we learned that families are encouraged to spend time together in community areas. The community areas were like large living rooms, with comfy couches and televisions. The family rooms, where the families stay, are themed and look more like a cool bedroom instead of a temporary living area.

There are over 300 Ronald McDonald Houses across the United States. In the Delaware Valley there are three, the location in Camden and two in Philadelphia. Families can stay one night up to six months. There is a small fee but no familiy is turned away if they are unable to pay.

There is a huge kitchen where volunteers can prepare meals!
The Bee’s Girl Scout troop volunteered at one of the houses in Philadelphia and both The Bee and The Zilla asked if they could volunteer again.

Each of the family rooms are adopted by volunteers who pledge a three year commitment to help maintain the spaces. The rooms are a reflection of the volunteer, such as the St Joe’s Rowing laundry room or the Seuss inspired Family Room.

There are also areas for homework (for older children) and playrooms for younger visitors.
Johnny’s Clubhouse was donated by a family who used a Ronald McDonald House during a visit to FLorida. Tragically Johnny did not survive but his family created a room for young visitors to the Camden area House.

Before this event, my perception of McDonald’s was one steeped in guilt and shame. I always feel bad heading to McDonald’s for a meal worrying that I am exposing myself and my family to harmful foods and extra calories. After I understand that there are healthy options available and that there is no need for shames when it comes to enjoying the golden arches.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it!
Enter for a chance to try Fish McBites! Leave a comment on this post by Monday, March 11th at noon for an opportunity to try a FREE snack sized Fish McBite!

Need more information about McDonalds? Here are some facts and social media contacts.

Some background and social media info:

McDonald’s USA, LLC, serves a variety of menu options, including wholesome choices, made from quality ingredients to more than 26 million customers every day. Nearly 89  percent of McDonald’s 14,000 U.S. restaurants are independently owned and operated by businessmen and women. There are nearly 300 McDonald’s restaurants in the Greater Philadelphia Region.  For more information on McDonald’s visit www.mcdonalds.com or log on at any of the 11,500 Wi-Fi enabled McDonald’s U.S. restaurants. Visit www.mcstate.com for local restaurant, career and program information.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @McDPhilly for the latest news, info, events and promotions, and find us on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/mcdonalds.

Happy Eating!

r’s note: I am happy to be a part of the McCafe What’s Brewing Blogging program. All thoughts are mine.


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