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The sun did shine
But it was too cold to play
I sat in the house and
Enjoyed a snow day!

It started as a warning: March was bringing a Nor’easter and we all needed to prepare for the six to fourteen inches of snow that was coming our way. I had gone food shopping (we were close to doing our best Macguyver’s to make meals), had a variety of in home activities (bunch of books, MarioKart Wii, plenty of laundry and a movie) to occupy Mom, The Bee and myself AND was prepared for work I knew, just knew that there was no way it was going to snow and if it did then I was sure to have to work*.

Anyhoodle**, because I keep thinking that the weather does not apply to me, I was all set for the two storyhours I had planned to celebrate Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Although I don’t care for Dr Seuss (I feel his books are way to long to read aloud, repetitive and overrated) I had invited all of the daycares that I do outreach with to a special Read Across America Day complete with a visit from The Cat in the Hat himself.

Due to the snow day (gotta love that seven AM call!) I was unable to have my planned Read Across America day at work.


We had our own version at home. The Bee read to Arboo and Dill read a book to himself. This was done for my ears as well as the need for them to do their 20 minutes of reading that they need to do daily.

The Bee and Arboo

Dill reluctantly reading a book
(he still wanted to play Super Smash Bros)

Perhaps I will reschedule my event at work. Eric Carle’s birthday is coming up and I really like his books. Can I find a caterpillar?

Not reading Seuss,

*Side note: Just when did I get to be such a Negative Nina?
**I stole this from Cherie over at TVgasm. She writes the best Bad Girl Club recaps!


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